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                  THE ENTERPRISE CULTURE

                  THE ENTERPRISE CULTURE

                  Home / ABOUT US / THE ENTERPRISE CULTURE
                  Company mission:

                  Make good medicine benefit the public earlier

                  Company vision:

                  To become the most open, innovative and reliable pharmaceutical service platform in the world

                  Core values:Customer first

                  ①Exceeding customer expectations is our highest pursuit

                  ②Insight into the real needs of customers, actively provide the best solution

                  ③Every project delivery, customer satisfaction first

                  ④To improve customer satisfaction is the requirement of all behaviors

                  Core values: The pursuit of excellence

                  ①Yesterday's best is today's starting point

                  ②Learn from all advanced

                  ③Insist on criticism and self-criticism, achieve a better team and self

                  ④Review regularly to continuously improve efficiency

                  Core values: eam collaboration

                  ①Company victory first, team goals first

                  ②Be a sincere person, work professionally, understand and help each other, build and trust

                  ③Actively cooperate and help

                  ④Active communication, timely communication, honest communication

                  Core values: Effective implementation

                  ①A goal is a commitment, without any excuses or excuses

                  ②Democratic centralism, which is implemented unconditionally after decisions are made

                  ③Dare to stand up and take responsibility

                  ④Try your best and ask for help when you feel frustrated

                  Core values: Open arms to change

                  ①Continuous victory is the purpose of change

                  ②Keep learning and improving to adapt to environmental changes

                  ③Keep an open mind and engage in change

                  ④Dare to innovate and explore new ways