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                  Intellectual property policy

                  Boten has always been committed to strengthening the construction of intellectual property management system and strictly protecting the intellectual property rights of customers, partners and itself. 


                  Intellectual property strategy

                  •  Boten will continue to improve its intellectual property protection capabilities, including personnel management, it management, document management and policy process management, so as to create a good intellectual property protection atmosphere

                  •  Boten promises to keep all project information confidential, including all information provided by both parties in cooperation with customers or newly generated based on the project, and will not provide the above information to a third party or use it for purposes other than the agreement without the permission of customers

                  •  For the invention and creation derived from the customer's technical information, boten promises that it will not apply for a patent separately without the customer's permission. Customer technical information includes technical documents, e-mail materials, meeting exchanges and other information formally or informally provided by customers

                  •  Boten promises zero tolerance for intellectual property infringement


                  IPManagement organization


                  Boten has set up a full-time intellectual property management department


                  Physical security

                  It is divided into zones according to the confidentiality level, protected by access control management and perimeter security system, and monitored by omni-directional dead angle cameras


                  Human resource security

                  The company strictly implements the management norms for entry and exit. New employees are required to conduct intellectual property background investigation and their own intellectual property declaration when they enter into employment. They will also sign confidentiality agreement and non competition agreement when signing labor contract; Whether the non competition agreement is implemented will be evaluated at the time of resignation. The on-the-job stage needs to be implemented in strict accordance with the signed confidentiality agreement


                  Asset security

                  Clarify the protection level, responsible person, use management and scrap disposal of assets in information security to ensure the security of assets and related information


                  Information security in project management

                  In the whole process of project management, from customer inquiry to project approval and R & D, from R & D to commercial production, and then to transportation and shipment, information sharing and transmission adopt scientific management to ensure the safety of information to the greatest extent


                  Third party security

                  Through the management of suppliers, outsourcing units, contractors and agents, intellectual property background investigation, confidentiality agreement signing, intellectual property audit and other aspects, so as to reduce the risk of infringement and information disclosure


                  ITSystem security

                  Ensure the security of IT system from the development and maintenance of IT system and software, communication, mobile equipment and remote office


                  Business Continuity Management

                  By formulating continuity rules, improving and upgrading the management mechanism, ensure that all management requirements of intellectual property rights are consistent with the company's strategy and can continuously meet the needs of business development


                  Information security processing and review

                  An internal and external review mechanism for information security has been established to solve information security problems with scientific and effective methods