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                  Dream Porton Bright StarReport about the orientation and outward training activities for the 2021 college student

                  Author:Jiangxi Porton   Time:2021-07-19 

                  In July, Porton (Jiangxi) ushered in a group of young and energetic partners. In order to let them understand the company as soon as possible, integrate into the company, better adapt to the role transition from students to the workplace, and understand the significance of teamwork, the company specially organized a four-day training activity.

                  College students meeting——acquaintanceship

                  At 09:00 on July 19, 2021, the meeting of 2021 college students was held as scheduled. The leaders of the general office, the heads of all departments and the 2021 college students gathered together. The leaders of the general office welcomed the arrival of college students and encouraged them to do their own career planning. At the same time, he asked them to "do not choose to be comfortable in the age of struggle. Only by sharpening your axe can you cut through the thorns." I hope they can learn more knowledge and skills in Porton (Jiangxi), and shine on the big stage of Porton (Jiangxi)!

                  Then all the fellows introduced themselves to each other and shared their feelings after joining Porton (Jiangxi); representatives of previous college students also shared their personal growth. Each department head puts forward the future expectation to the college student, At last, General Manager Mr. Yinchun Bai shared the company Culture, striver culture and future development of the company, which shall make them better understand and merge into the company. Through this meeting, the distance between the fellows is shorten and they get known of each other better.


                  New employee orientation training——Knowing each other相知

                  In the afternoon of July 19, 2021.07.19, the training for the new employee induction started and lasted for two and a half days. This training is mainly divided into three modules: administrative system, quality management system and EHS management system training. It mainly covers the company profile, corporate culture, the rules and regulations, production safety knowledge, GMP basic knowledge and so on. We have invited the lecturers from each module for all courses. By this way increase the motivation and confidence for the fellows merging into the new environment and also lay the foundation for the new journey.


                  In the whole training process, Lecturers through interaction, share and practices with their Colleagues, Inspired everyone's enthusiasm for learning, Keep our Colleagues focused and engaged. After the training, test the training effect to ensure that the training to achieve the purpose of learning, Let us to know each other through this new employee orientation!

                  Outing training——accompanying

                  In the bright morning sunshine on July 22, 2021, we came to the outdoor development base -- Spring Source Farm. We invited professional instructors to carry out training on team cohesion, team communication and collaboration, role change and goal consensus. We carried out the design output of the project from the three dimensions of focusing on action, communication and execution, and Porton inheritance. Before the expansion, all partners were randomly divided into three groups, and each group recommended a "leader", "political commissar", and "flag bearer" to lead their own team.


                  This expansion started from the team project "Supercomputer" and "Challenge 150", and each team also launched a fierce competition with each other. In the following projects, "Soldiers on the battlefield" and "The Power of Breathing", all the teams cooperated well, rationally divided the labor and made concerted efforts to achieve good results. Then came the climax of this expansion: the "Team painting" project, which made everyone understand that everyone in the team has an important position and one cannot be missed. At the end of the heart-warming project "Slow Delivery of Time" -- looking forward to the future, everyone wrote down their expectations and expectations for the future. During the training, we kept each other accompanying, enhanced our awareness of teamwork, and narrowed the distance between our hearts.

                  Time flies! The four-day training and development has come to an end unconsciously. Through this training and development, we not only enhanced our emotional communication, but also enhanced our sense of teamwork. Next, the partners will go to their own battlefield to build a dream of Porton and win-win future!